How can I find a puzzle?

When you click on "puzzles" in the menu, you will get to a page where you can pick a puzzle. If you have certain criteria for that in mind, like if you really want to do a Sudoku, then you can click on the {+} symbol next to "Genre", check the box in front of "Sudoku" and press the selection button. Click on the name of a puzzle in the list of puzzles that consequently appears to get it on your screen.

You can als set multiple requirements, like who made the puzzle, how difficult it is and in which month it appeared. Also combinations of those are possible.

People who have an account on this website, can also choose to only pick from puzzles that they have not yet solved.

How do I solve a puzzle?

When your puzzle has appeared on your screen, you will first have to click it once with the left mouse button, to tell it that you want to solve it. Places where you can fill something in (a letter, a line or maybe a number, all depending on the puzzle), will now light up yellow when your mouse hovers over them.
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